• She pushed him away and he mockingly curtsied. She then asked for green tea, but the chamberlain grinned and said that he had run out of water and she would have to wait until he boiled some more.

        Myrmidone was a lovely, s’ender caterpillar. Her face was white, with pink freckles and big green eyes. She was always chewing gum made of tree wax. Two long antennae, largely bent over her face, were shaking on her head. She was tired and could hardly stand on her small feet. (The caterpillars were mostly walking vertically on their last four pairs of legs, and they would use all eight pairs only if tired). She got up and said: "Before I retire for the day, gentlemen, I wish to remind you that I am your Queen now and you have to respect me."
        The crowd bowed, but after the princess went out the door, some bursts of laughter could be heard. Myrmidone was heading towards her room, but changed her mind and rushed back into the council meeting hall, banging the door as hard as she could.

    Then, she spat her gum in the insolent general's face, sticking a gelatinous mask on him. She was so angry, that she could bite somebody and when she talked, the big candelabrum's crystal tassels were shaking.

    "You hairy, shameless caterpillars! The Kingdom is at an impasse, but all you can think about are your ranks. I have the right of life and death over you, donlt you forget that!  If you do not present me with a new defense strategy within eleven minutes, you have my word as Queen that you will swing in the apple tree." (That means 'in a noose' in caterpillars' language). She looked at them with a ferocious look, eyeing and weighing each and every one of them, and left as she came in.

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