• The generals could not make their caterpillars listen to them. Each soldier thought he was smarter and more inventive than the other, and they were fighting with each other to impose their own ideas. Their fortresses turned out to be huge, but strangely shaped and without tunnels.
    Hop-on-Flower's caterpillars, on the other hand, were following every instruction blindly, gathering earth and stumping on it with their many legs. They built a smaller fortress that was raised a few feet above ground, had labyrinths and was covered in bark.

    When the locusts' attack started, the four units took shelter in the fortresses and started to shoot arrows and load their guns with rotten apples.
    The fortresses the tree generals have built had walls without crenellations, so the soldier-caterpillars had to expose themselves while aiming their arrows. Two of the fortresses fell, taking down the invaders as well as the soldiers. However, Hop-on-Flower and his troops saved the battle. From his position he was able to shoot his arrows against the invaders of the other three fortresses, killing and wounding many.

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