• But Emma and Ella didnlt know Mr. Chatterboxls last letter, so they could not cross the lake. Well, you canlt say that C, A and R make up a word, can you?  Then, above them, there was a huge bird:
    - A pigeon…
    - I am Pigeon Lilli
    But Ilm also something else…
    - Guess and you can go!

    Quickly enough, the girls realized that Pigeon was also the letter P, from pigeon or parrot. Together they read all the letters that Mr. Chatterbox caught , and all of the sudden a huge CARP jumped out of the waves and invited the two girls on his back, so he could take them to the other side of the lake. They said good bye to Mr. Chatterbox, which proved to be the letter C incognito, and to the Pigeon Lilli, who was in fact the letter P in disguise, and then left.


    On the other side of the lake, the girls saw a house, and on the door, it was written in capital letters, which the girls had already known:

    EMMA AND ELLAlS AWAKENING! The password was the alphabet.

    What do you mean...the girls were thinking…to say it by heart? We wonlt be able to do it, said the girls sadly. But hardly did they start crying that from the windows, from every corner of the house, or from the top of he roof down came their very own friends, the letters. And they all started singing the ABC:


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