•  A, B, C, D,
    E, F, G
    H, I, J, K,
    L, M, N, O, P,
    Q, R, S,
    T, U, V,
    W, X,
    Y and Z.

    Now I know my ABC;

    Next time will you sing with me?

    And just like that, while singing the ABC together with the letters, Emma and Ella were able to open the door and emerged from the dream into the real world, down in their own bed, exactly when their alarm c’ock stuck seven, as it does every morning. It was time for school!

    - You can guess the surprise on the teacherls face that day, when Emma and Ella knew all the letters of the alphabet, and read the word APPLES perfectly:

    - A…P…P…L…E…S. APPLES.

    - Way to go, girls! Wonderful! I see you finally made friends with all the letters.

    - Yes, we did!

    - Well, was it hard?

    - No, no!

    - Of course it wasnlt! With a little effort and a little help, you made it!

    - Yes, we did!

    Of course you did! The world, my dear children, is made out of letters.
    Emma and Ella already knew that the world was made out of letters… letters that were neither moody, nor boring any more. The letters were their friends.


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