• There would be no money, because there are many letters on the money. We could almost say that money is made out of letters. But the saddest thing of all is that there would be no books. Neither would movies, computers, road signs…nothing, nothing! The world, dear children, is made entirely out of letters. And one place where they meet is the alphabet book.  Well, you understand, the letters heard everything that had happened and they got upset. Consequently, their decided to teach the little girls a lesson and they sneaked into their dreams. Because, I forgot to mention it, being twins, Emma and Ella always dreamed the same dream.

    Thatls how Emma and Ella woke up on the lake side where a very crabby old man was fishing. His name was Chatterbox. But, instead of fish, he was catching letters. High above in the sky, letters were flying. And down on the earth, instead of people and animals, all sorts of letters were wandering around: bigger or smaller, cursive or block, printed or handwritten. You couldnlt get pass them unless you called them by name. But Emma and Ella didnlt know them all; in case they wanted to return home, they had no other choice: they had to cross the lake. And Mr. Chatterbox told the girls that, if they knew what letters he was catching, they would take them to the other side of the lake.
    So here go Emma and Ella: 

    - Itls a C.

    - Yes, from cat, corn, or cup.

    - No, I donlt like it. Illl keep fishing.

    - OK, go ahead! Pull, pull!!

    - Whoops! But this is an A from apple, airplane, or aviator. Pull! Keep pulling! Again!

    - Oh… this is an R, from red, rabbit, or robin.

    - Come on! One more time!

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