• -OK, but you still need to learn your ABC. 

    -And I love playing ball!

    -Sure you do, but the alphabet is as important.

    -OK…but what do we need those letters for anyway? They are so boring, and moody as well.

    -So the teacher had no other choice than to let them play…the whole day…. until dusk. And while they were rope jumping, they two little girls were singing a song they had made up, which sounded like this:

    One…Two… Three…Cool!
    -Youlll not find us at school.
    One… Two…Three…Four
    -We donlt like school any more.
    We keep playing on and on
    -And therels nothing we want to learn,
    The whole day, cold or hot,
    -From early morning till late at night.

    Ohhh, Ilm so tired. Itls getting dark already.

    -And Ilm getting s’eepy.

    Emma and Ella are s’eeping now, tired of so much play. But they donlt know that, without letters, the world would be in great danger. The letters are everywhere. Without them, we wouldnlt be able to get around. There would be no mail, because there would be no addresses. We would mix up the jars of jelly, because there would be no labels. Moreover, we wouldnlt know who we are, because our names  are spelled with letters.


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