• "Donlt worry," I said. We left s’owly, with the cow right behind us, but when we passed the hills and nobody could see us anymore, I spurred the horse and it started to go fast. Just when I thought that I managed to get rid of the repulsive animal,  I felt a punch in my back. Turning around, I saw the cow, her burning piercing eyes underneath her bent horns pointed at me.

    "Stop it!" I shouted," Okay, Illl wait for you and welll go together..."

    The cow s’owed down and I s’owed the horse down and we made a halt, while the cow grazed on the tender grass. The bride asked to get off the horse and started to dance and I was looking at her and at the cow, and at one point I thought she was charming. At the next halt, after we untied the towel with the food and ate together, talking about all the things in the world, we mounted the horse again and went on our way all cheerful, together with the cow. On the way I saw that she was becoming prettier and prettier by the moment and when we got home she was nothing else than wonderful.

    My mother came to greet us and I stated proudly: "Look at the bride I got!"

    She looked and said nothing. The bride jumped on top of the oven while the cow sat at the door and started to yawn and ruminate and there she is to this day. Within a week the twelve carriages with the dowry arrived, and with it a big herd of cows.

    Mother nodded her head, cheerfuly: "Oh! That's more like it."

    That's the way it was...We had three sons and we lived happily to be very old and look, I also had the chance to tell you too how I got myself a bride...

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