• I donlt know when I kissed her and got out fast. I started to wash yet again, this time being careful not to fall into to the mud, and indeed, I only lost the soap in the well. As I was pulling up my trousers, I noticed in the semi-darkness a white shape, surely one of the girls, possibly the ugly one, has remained in the yard and was staring at me.

    "Hmm!" I went to my room and  got dressed and after a while the lady of the house came and asked me to come and have dinner. She was a dark-skinned peasant woman, with big thick feet, and she was constantly fiddling with the benches. She led me to the big kitchen. At the fireplace were two girls that that were hastily stirring with a stick in a huge cast iron kettle where a cornflour mash dish, called mamaliga, was boiling and bubbling, and the owner put three pots with cowls butter and cheese on the table. The whole family came and sat by the table, there were about twenty in all, including the farmhands. The girls turned over the reddish mamaliga””as big as a cart wheel””on a wooden tray right in the middle of the dinner guests.
    The hideous one was out of sight and I noticed a couple of lovely girls sitting at the table, among them one who was very much to my liking. The father started cutting the large mamaliga into s’ices with  a thread

    After the scare with the cow, I asked where was his most beautiful daughter, pretending to be interested, since I didn't see her.

    "My daughter", he said, "is very sensitive with her food, and shy; when she feels there are suitors around she retreats””something that seldom happens to such a beautiful girl, one that wants to be seen by the whole world..."

    "Oh, I see," I said, and the threatening face of the man that spoke those words made me abtain from smiling. 

     "Good luck to you, brave fellow!" he said, while raising and gulping his glass of liquor, "may you find the one destined to you, and who knows, perhaps my eldest daughter would also find a husband..." 

    I was going to say "God forbid!" but caught myself in time and said "With God's help!"

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