• The man shouted: "Have a look at this beauty! Itls not in vain that you waited to get married for so long and made the long way here." Since I kept quiet while staring at her foolishly, he briefly asked me:  "Hey, is there anything wrong?"

    "Ye..NO," I stuttered.

    "What then?" he asked. "I am overwhelmed, it's beyond my expectations...'' I said. "Aah, I'm glad," he said and rubbed his palms. "I felt you were going to be my son-in-law from the moment you came in through the door, donlt be angry with me for telling you, it happens sometimes. I've always dreamt that my daughter will get a worthy person."

    I wanted to raise hell, to tell the other suitors the whole matter with the cows and the danger they were putting themselves in if they were refusing a girl, and start a rebelion. But I got hold of myself. Something in my head told me to go ahead, so that I won't be the victim of a bigger misfortune. Maybe I push her along the way into some tree hollow and find refuge in a monastery, become a monk and I wonlt need a wife as long as I live.

    The ugly girl giglled and looked at me lovingly: "My beloved, could you please go get me some chamomille? I am so fond of these flowers..."

    "Immediately, my dear!" I whistled to my horse, but they didn't allow me to mount it, they gave me one of their horses. I sat in the saddle and started going uphill, thinking it was a good opportunity to escape. But when we came by a s’ope covered with flowers, the nuisance horse threw me down and said  "Come on now, hurry up and pick the flowers; I want to go back, I have an urge for some dry hay."

    There was nothing I could do. I picked the chamomile, got back on the horse and returned to my bride.The fiddlers were playing the well known bride song 'Be quiet young bride, do not cry' and the hideous girl was trying hard to shed some tears.

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