• I nodded in in agreement, looking at that hideous thing. It was getting dark, the surrounding hills were taller and gathered tighter around the village like black  ghosts that were scheming something.

     In the round yard enclosed by beams were steaming puddles of cow urine and the farmhands were gathering the dung and carrying it in wheelbarrows to a pit at the edge of the yard. There was a strong smell of manure and smoke. Two girls, probably the younger sisters, have led me to a room while pushing me, allegedly because of the dark, they lit my lamp and started making my bed while giggling. I let them do their work and went out to wash at the well. I got a bucket of water and poured it over  my head. I washed and felt thoroughly refreshed, I then wiped myself with the towel. I had left my shoes a bit further away they so they wouldn't get wet, but when I went to get them, I s’ipped and fell into a hole of cold, sticky mud.

    I started to struggle to get out of there. I screamed for help but from the lit house nobody came; suddenly, I noticed next to me two wide open glassy eyes and I heard some fast breathing””it was a cow that was trapped as well, and judging by her stifled moo she was not delighted to share the mud with me.

    I screamed, and out came the unmarried monster and spoke to me while making fun at my predicament. "Donlt be scared, just kiss her and she'll let you get out unharmed!" she said. I could not believe my ears. I was looking at her, then at the cow. "Couldnlt I kiss you instead?"

    "Hm, that's not right," she said, and started swinging from one leg to the other and twisting her apron in her hands, "and then again, it's not me that's in the mud with you."

    The cow was staring fiercely, tapering her thick drivelling lips. "God, what should I do?" I  tried to escape, but I sank more and more into the mud, while the beast lowered her twisted horns and mooed furiously.

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