•  "Clean water in the pond!
    Six blind salmons are staring now!
    Trump-trump-trump, come play with me,
    And my match now you will be!"


    -"Where is this music coming from?" asked Princess Tinkling Call and ran to the bank of the pond. 

     She couldnlt believe her eyes when she saw the palace shining again. She was beside herself with joy, so she started singing and the icicles were going c’ink! c’ink! c’ink!

    -"On this side of the black fields,
    Under the mushroom of death cap,
    Beyond the valleys and the hills,
    In a cave, in its depth,
    In a palace with frosty flowers,
    Icicles sing and play
    In a glacial pond
    Six little salmons dance.
    Eeney, meeney, miney moe,
    Knock-knock, I will not go!"

    Meanwhile, the king, the queen and all the servants of the palace scampered outside and danced with joy.

    The Poor Lad was standing proud as the hero that he was, but he couldnlt utter anything. Never in his life had he heard a more alluring song or had he seen a more beautiful girl than Tinkling Call. He took heart, took a step towards King Icicle and spoke:

     -"Your pond I c’eaned,
    Your salmons I healed,
    The icicles are singing and playing
    Give me the princess to marry!"

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