• The soldiers were rummaging throughout the whole forest. They even glanced under the white collar of the death cap mushroom but in vain; nobody realized the hole was so deep and it was actually the mouth of a cave.

    -“Reveal yourself, reveal yourself, whoever you are, Tinkling Call!” the soldiers called the princess.

    But she would not come out of her hiding place:

     -“On this side of the black fields,
    Under the mushroom of death cap,
    Beyond the valleys and the hills,
    In a cave, in its depth,
    In a palace with frosty flowers,
    Icicles sing and play
    In a glacial pond
    Six little salmons dance.
    Eeney, meeney, miney moe,
    Knock-knock, I will not go!”

    The soldiers sat down next to the death cap mushroom and started a party that lasted three days and three nights. They ate, drank, hopped, rolled over, did cartwheels and threw into the hole all the wickers, the carafes, the knives, the forks, the helmets, the armours and the crumbled food.

    They left without even thinking about the harm they had done. The glacial pond was now full of dirty objects.

    The princess was crying, the fish were wailing as well, the pond itself became sad and King Iciclels heart shook with anger:

    -“You ate, you drank and you were merry
     But your litter you did not carry!
     You poisoned the glacial pond
     And my palace you destroyed
     Good humour you had, I suppose
     Now angry sparks from my eyes soar”

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