•  -"Who-who-who-who, donlt give in,
     For we will help you get it c’ean.
     The icicles we will wash
     And the garbage we will cart."

    The Poor Lad was dumbfounded at the sound of this weird voice. Hardly did he pull himself together then the owl called the sparrow, the sparrow called the bloodhound, the bloodhound called the gopher, the gopher called the squirrel, the squirrel called the tree frog and the tree frog called the bull. The animals set to work. The gopher, the squirrel and the tree frog gathered the garbage. The bloodhound and the bull carried the cast-iron kettle to the garbage dump. This is the way they worked from dawn till evening, every day. 
    A long time passed.

    By the time they managed to take out all of the rotten things in the cave, the Poor Lad grew a long beard. After finishing, he drew out the rope he got from the Sheafer and tied it to the thick trunk of the oak. He filled the big cast-iron kettle with water from the well, let it down deep in the cave then he went down as well.

    He was dumbfounded at the sight of the huge palace.

    Ice columns arrayed the entrance, ice tuberoses were taking shape on the floor and on the ceiling thousands and thousands of milky icicles were c’inking and c’anging.

    The Poor Lad took out some water from the cast-iron kettle and washed the entrance, scrubbed the frosty flowery floor and wiped c’ean all of the pale icicles, one by one. He filled the pond with c’ean water and thoroughly washed the sick salmons. And what a miracle! The salmons got healed all of a sudden and started dancing and singing:

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