• Seven days and seven nights worked the servants of the palace from morning till night, till all the mess they c’eaned up. But the eighth day everything started over. The princess was singing, the blind salmons were dancing and one at a time, artisans, heroes, even kings and princesses reached the mouth of the cave.

    The music of the icicles enchanted everybody. But in vain did they rummage and search everywhere; they could not find the owner of the tinkling call. Not being able to find her, they would throw their old stuff in the hole under the mushroom. They threw and threw until the entire palace was filled with garbage. The brilliance of the ice columns and tuberoses faded away, the blind salmons got sick.

    Deeply distressed and with tearful eyes, the princess locked herself in her room. In vain did her mother try to ease her pain; Tinkling Call could not get over her sadness. The Kingls eyes were either shooting sparks or gleamed with tears. He went out on the bank of the glacial pond and yelled as much as he could but because of the piles of garbage only a few sounds reached the top:


    -“You poisoned my pond
     And my palace you destroyed
     My kingdom shall reign
     My daughterls hand shall have
     The one who my icicles will c’ean
     And my salmons will heal!”

    The death cap mushroom was awakened by the kingls lament.

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