• Once upon a time there was a very beautiful country, called Arrom Land. King Zoralio and Queen Luludia reigned there, but the witch Jungalia had sold her heart to the devil in exchange for an enchanted mirror that could see everything that happened around the world, and this with wanted to reign in the Arrom Land. 

    Zoralio, who was a wizard himself cast a spell over the Arrom Land and made it invisible. People could reach it only in their dreams and only if they were able to love, that is, if they had a heart. Therefore, Jungalia ran away to Aver Land where she sheltered under Prince Gunjarls bed, who immediately went down with an illness. 

    After a period of time Arrom Land, which was a rather small county, became too crowded for King Zoraliols children. He loved them equally, both the younger and the elder ones, the whiter and the darker ones, the lazier and the more hard-working ones, but the one he loved the most was Zurika, his eldest daughter. Zurika was tall and s’ender, with ring-like curly hair, with bright and lively eyes that shone like stars, white pearl-like teeth and lips that were red like true love. She was gay and kind, generous and gentle.

    Moreover, she was the most reputed singer and dancer in the whole Arrom Land, but also a witch.  

    One morning Zoralio gathered all his children and told them:

    “Chej bari mure, chave muri, my princes and princesses! Arrom country is no longer big enough for you, go out into the wide world as your hearts desire and fullfill your destinies. Spread into the world and be of good use to the people, fill the world with your gifts, be kind-hearted, joyful, love and enjoy life! And should you encounter any difficulties, or remain unshelted, s’eep on the bare earth, dream and we shall meet again! But be aware, once you have returen to the Arrom Land you cannot go out of it unless carried away over the rainbow by true love!”

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