• Frederick, the elephant toddler
    was left home alone for the first time ever.
    He lived with his parents
    in the Elephants' Forest.
    Frederic was a very nosy young elephant.
    He opened the door s’owly, 
    and a bit hesitatingly,
    he went out the door. 
    Proudly carrying his trunk,
    he went on a walk through the Elephants' Forest.
    At every step he would meet other elephants
    who went for a walk in the forest.
    "Good day, Frederick," he was greeted by the elephants
    he would meet.
    "Good day," answered Frederick raising his trunk.
    "Are you going for a little walk?" asked his uncle.

    "Yes, I am," answered Frederick.
    "Are you well, Frederick?" asked one of his aunties.
    "Yes, auntie, I am very well, indeed!" answered Frederick.
    Frederick went further and further away 
    from his house. He hasn't even realized
    that he was already past the Elephants' Forest 
    and that he has reached an unfamiliar forest.
    There, in this forest, he met a lion.

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