• He left and got into the barrel used for watering the garden, in which he took his daily bath, and started to ponder. The keeper of the pigs was the only person he hadnlt asked why the kingls melons would not grow. What if he went and asked him… you never know where the answer might come from. He got out of the barrel, got dressed and set out in his used-up car towards the woods looming in the distance. There the kingls pigs were guzzling beechmust.

     Butterbur found Cutterbur, the keeper of the pigs, but not without some trouble, and told him:

     -“Our king likes melons and welve been toiling for years to grow melons; but after their fruits appear they start rotting and we get nothing out of our work. Do you happen to know if therels anything we can do about this?”
     -“Maybe it rains too much for them”, said the keeper of the pigs. “Come back tomorrow and I will have some seeds brought all the way from the Green Country, which is famous for melons, but I just have to look for them.”

    Butterbur thanked him and returned to the castle. Weary from worrying about the melons and from the long trip in his rumbling car, he couldnlt wake up the next day either to fulfil his duties to the king.

       The king woke up with the sun on his face again as in the previous morning and roared “Butterbuuuuuur”, the crystal windows broke to pieces and the entire chamber was filled with shivers tiny as the sand. The page opened the door and the king and the queen were sitting up in their golden bed, stupefied, covered in a shiny dust in the bright light of the sun. Butterbur could not handle this awesome sight and fell down unconscious.

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