• The next morning nobody was able to draw the curtains at the windows, but the king was not upset anymore. The sunlight fell right on the melon that was on the curtain and it was the first thing the king saw when he woke up.

     -“Goodness gracious, there it is!” said the astonished king.

     -“Knock, knock!” Butterbur and Cutterbur came in pale as a ghost and shaking:

     -“Your Highness, the melon vanished into thin air!”

     -“You will vanish, you fools, soon enough. Take it away!” and he pointed to the melon.

     The two pages lifted the melon and took it away and then the king joined them to split the melon and eat it. But when he stretched his knife towards it, the melon s’id again and started rolling, and the advisers began to follow it again. As the day before, when they thought they had it, the melon would find a way out and roll either under an armchair or a table or behind some statues. At one time, the great advisor cut in front of it, saying:

    -“Therels no way you can escape now!” but the melon s’ipped between his legs and the great advisor fell backwards and landed on the biggest staircase in the throne room.

     After this trick, the melon reached a summer house where the queen was sitting and knitting. It hid at her feet, under her wide silk skirts. After she finished sewing she lifted her arms and stretched them to loosen them, got up and fell on the melon. The melon turned a little bit and the queen giggled. Then the melon started spinning her about the summer house and the queen loved this and was laughing out loud. The ladies of honour rushed to see why the queen was laughing and were taken aback to see her spinning around on the melon.

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