• -“Enough, for I am getting dizzy!” she shouted and the melon stopped. Then she went into her chamber with the ladies of honour and the melon went rolling with them in between their skirts.  

     The queen went to the mirror. She took the melon and laid it on her belly, turned around and took a look at herself from the side, sighing. Then the melon entered her womb and she became a pregnant woman, ready to give birth. The queen and the ladies got scared but in the same time they were happy. 

     The queen sat down on the throne with the ladies of honour next to her, while the king and the courtiers were under the table searching for the melon. She smiled and said:

     -“Stop searching, the melon is with me!”

     Great was the kingls astonishment. He wondered what the queen would give birth to if inside of her was a melon. But when he touched her belly, he felt a living creature moving exactly like a baby in its motherls womb.

    Shortly after that, the queen gave birth to a big beautiful son. The king was beside himself with joy and they feasted and partied for three days. They named him Prince Charming Meloan and he grew in one year as others would in seven years.

     After the birth of the boy, the melons started to grow and to ripen on the kingls field with no trouble at all. King Melonls melons were so sweet and tasty that they were heard of beyond the borders of their country. The neighbouring king, Deadly Nightshade, asked for seeds.

    Cutterbur and Butterbur, by now great advisers, sent him some, but on his land nothing sprouted from the seeds. Enraged, King Deadly Nightshade set out with his army to lay waste the fields of king Melon.

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