• -“Well start sowing, and if this time the melons fail to grow, your heads will take their place on this tray.”

     Cutterbur and Butterbur prepared the field and sowed the seeds and the small plants sprouted quickly and started to grow in creeping stems. The melons appeared, green they were, but then the gardeners noticed the same weird thing happening, the barely ripened fruits began to rot.

     The two pages were walking on the field turning and twisting the melons on all sides when to their joy, they saw that there was a healthy melon perfectly ripened. When the time came for it to be eaten, the two pages picked it, put it on a golden tray and presented it to the king and the entire court.

     On one hand, the king was happy because for years there have been no melons on his field, and on the other hand he was upset: only one single melon in the entire field? He took the big silver knife and wanted to prick the melonls rind but the melon s’id and rolled under the chairs and through the hallways into the gun room.

    It kept hiding and then reappearing, and when someone thought they had it, the melon continued to roll head over heels. It finally rolled until it reached the kingls chamber and landed on a curtain covering the floor, so that no matter how much they looked for it, nobody noticed it.

     The king bent down and set the curtains aside looking carefully under the bed and yet, nothing! At nightfall he stopped looking and went to bed. He locked the doors and his servants kept on looking for the melon throughout the entire castle. They looked for it till morning, when they collapsed frustrated and dead tired.

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