• All of a sudden, during the fight, a rider on a white horse showed up, with long locks of hair emerging from beneath his helmet. He took off his helmet and lo and behold: King Deadly Nightshadels daughter, so much more beautiful than even the most beautiful sunrise! The girl started shouting:

     -“Hey, Prince Charming, stop the fight for I want to be your wife!”
     Prince Charming tried to look at her but had to shade his eyes because of her great beauty. Immediately he stopped the fight and they made peace. He went back with the princess and her father, King Deadly Nightshade, to King Melonls palace.

    There they had a wedding that lasted three days and three nights. King Deadly Nightshade offered them a quarter of his kingdom, but after a while, being the miser that he was, asked to have it back. This only made Prince Charming and his wife laugh. They gave him back the lands, this time full of melons and lived happily. Who knows, maybe they still do today, in case they havenlt died yet.

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