King Melon got very upset. Being the peaceful king that he was, he was not very skilful in regard to war, but Prince Charming Meloan said to him:

    -“Donlt worry, father!” and whistled once, and all the melons in the field came out and formed an army rolling towards King Deadly Nightshadels army, their enemy. The melons rolled at such speed that they knocked the soldiers backwards. Meanwhile, Prince Charming Meloan fired shots from his musket from behind the melons. The battle was over in one day and the enemyls army was knocked down.

    A year passed by and King Deadly Nightshade set out against King Melon again. This time his army was twice as big but the neighbourls melons were also a few hundred times more numerous.

    The kingls soldiers made catapults for melons and struck the enemies until they destroyed them.

    King Deadly Nightshade would not give up. He summoned the state council and decided to first of all destroy the melons, and then King Melon. But how would they do this?
     They sent an army of hungry hamsters to invade the kingls fields and nibble on the melons. But great was King Deadly Nightshadels surprise when he saw Prince Charming Meloan coming towards him with an army of huge hamsters, their bellies full of melons, fat, satiated and holding guns in their paws. A terrible battle began.

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