The Kingdom of the Green Caterpillars was under constant threat from the gray locusts. War followed war and the casualties were big on both sides. The green caterpillars owned vast land with apple orchards, while the gray locusts ruled over the neighbouring quince and pear orchards.

    There were more and more locusts year after year and their quince orchards were already too small to feed them all. Often they would invade c’ose-by territories, devouring the trees to their last leaves.

    The caterpillars, on the other hand, when feeding were leaving the flower buds untouched, even sparing a few leaves, so their orchards were always leafy and the locusts were interested in them.
    Bud, the caterpillars' fortress, was standing up high, right in the middle of the orchard. Each family had shelter within its walls, while the grubs were raised together in a big hall, to be as protected as possible. There, the caterpillar nurses were bringing them green leaves and wrapping them up in green blankets to keep them warm.

    The caterpillars' princess, Myrmidone, was young and inexperienced in leading the kingdom. Her parents, the old King and Queen have died during the last war against the gray locusts. Their long spears felled not only them, but also the great General Seventy-Legs-on-the-Footpath.

     Of course, the general did not have seventy legs. The caterpillars' strength laid in their legs, that made them unbeatable compared to the locusts, that although could hop, they were getting tired rapidly since hopping required more effort.

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