• Since the caterpillars did not reply to Tarls demands, as if they didn't care that their Queen would be pinned among butterflies, Tar sent messengers to the caterpillars' kingdom, which was ruled during Myrmidone's absence by General Hop-on-Flower. The guards led the ten messenger locusts to the Throne room, but all of a sudden they stopped; their eyes nearly popped out, and grew as big as quinces, since sitting solemnly on the golden throne was no other than Myrmidone, the one they knew was jailed in their tower!
    The messengers returned hopping and told Tar what they saw. He c’imbed to the Tower, took Myrmidone in his paws and realised…that the princess was only a skin in perfect form, but empty inside. She has shed her shell and escaped using some butterfly wings. Enraged, he and his locusts launched an ambush, kidnapped Hop-on-Flower and locked him in the Tower in Myrmidonels place, where he was kept under constant supervision, after checking his mouth.

    Myrmidone sent twelve messengers to General Tar, with a letter saying: "If you dare fight me with a spear and I win, you will set Hop-on-Flower free, and if you win, we will surrender two orchards."
    "No!" replied the General in a letter. "If we win, you'll be my wife!"
    "So be it!" she replied.
    Within an hour the Green Caterpillars' and the Gray Locusts' armies have lined up facing each other on a neutral territory between the orchards, at a great distance from one another, to watch the fight between Myrmidone and General Tar, both wearing armor and helmets.

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