• Myrmidone whispered the word to a caterpillar, who than wrote it with charcoal on a white tree trunk, first and last letter and a few dashes in between for the missing letters.

    B- - - - - - - -Y

    "Once you guess a letter that repeats itself, it will be written in the word as many times as needed."
    Tar bowed and said: "Thank you for your kindness, My Queen".
    "No kindness here," she replied, "just the rules of the game. You're entitled to five guesses. Each error brings you c’oser to the gallows".
    General Tar took a face that seemed to be attentive, tame and even affectionate. "Could I please know if B or Y also occur more than once in the word? If so, this will have to be disclosed."




    Myrmidone smiled sweetly: "No, they do not."
    Tar thought, thought and thought some more, analysing the orchard, the caterpillars, and the hanging noose.
    "Does it contain the letter M?" The caterpillars all answered together:

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