• The called her and searched for her everywhere, but couldnlt find any trace of their mother. Their meeting came to an end. The castle began to shake and collapse and the two kids ran holding their hands while behind them, tons of crystals were crumbling with deafening noises. They were running on a rainbow that descended on the earth, and the stork was running and flying next to them. They passed the c’ouds when the bridge was beginning to vibrate and its intricate structures started to dismember piece by piece. The children ran further until they fell among glowing fragments of metal and glass.

    They did not fall all the way down. From a plane nearby, a couple of blue parachutes were launched, and the parachutists caught the kids in their arms and landed at the end of the town where they first left. The stork landed next to them.


    The children came back to the master painterls workshop. The painter was hiding behind his canvas and was painting everything but the stork flew and sat right on his easel.

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