• - "My child, I have to tell you that this will not make you as happy as you think it will.” The boy puckered up and quickly said: 

    - "It doesnlt matter, I beg you!” The painter looked at their red cheeks and lively faces.

    - "Deal! Illl do that!” he said.  

     He soaked the brush in paint, grabbed the girl by her chin lifting her face, and she thought that he will scribble her face again, as he used to, and she frowned. The painter smiled, took her head kerchief off and drew a star on her forehead right under her bangs, then tied her head kerchief back. 

     - "You two have to go to the Fountain at the End of the Rainbow! Walk towards the sun rise, go out of the city and walk through the field, see, where the wild blue-bells grow. Youlll arrive at the frontier of a country where you will be met by some evil guards, fully armed, but who have to do their duty and not let anybody go through the frontiers. But you”, he said to the girl "show him the star on your forehead and he will let you pass through." 

    "However, no one can help you in the Skies city. It all depends on you” the master said, raising his forefinger. "Be very careful when you pass under the Rainbow Bridge, walk fast because it can collapse anytime!”… 

     The next day the two children woke up very early. Maria, that was the name of the girl, put on her country c’othes that she felt most comfortable in, and tied a head kerchief around her head, then took her brother by the hand, who wore his white chemise shirt and together they left. 

     Outside, the sky was c’oudy and dark.


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