• The field was full of hoof marks that looked like mouths with enormous lips and when they stepped into them, the hoofs caught their legs and they had to pull themselves with strength to come out. On a pasture they saw the cows, with black, white and purple spots. The oil that soaked the land made the colors shine so intensely that they always had another shade of color depending on the angle that they saw them. But they didnlt get dirty, the colored s’ime was s’iding on their skins without leaving vague spots that didnlt grow din, then disappeared. The grass has tens of colors of dark and fresh green, and it was loaded with flowers, of golden, red and purple colors, and from them, thick pollen was flowing. Clouds of powder of shimmer pollen were floating above the think grass as if they were traced with brushes too think. The three sat on the grass next to the lily bushes whose corollas were hanging filled with pollen, and when the children bended to smell them, the flowers licked their cheeks leaving a trace of dark yellow.  

     In the Rainbow City, there was no street without at least one painter working on a wall or at a window, in harmony with the things and colors around, and they walked and painted the white walls of an old fortress, and this labor captivated them entirely and took a long time.

    The stork was c’imbed on a wall, and of course, was analyzing everything. At night, they all s’ept in a bed with mattresses made of c’ouds, in a room filled with toys. 

     One day, all three of them sat in the floor and started setting cubes one on top of the other, building all kinds of houses, columns and epistyles, and the more cubes they put the more that the walls grew, and now made up a palace with terraces, and they were running up and down the stairs, looking at themselves in the mirror walls, and as they were running through a file of halls that intertwined, they realized that their mother was no longer with them. 


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