• Some streets were anfractuous and wide, so that carriages can go through, while others were so narrow that the peasants could shake hands from their own windows. Here and there, the streets led to plazas with fountains in the centers, where the inhabitants were carrying water from. Among the roof tiles were little windows that looked just like someonels eyes, and the two children often thought that those eyes were blinking.

    On the roofs, there were stork nests, families of five-six birds sitting on one leg, chattering and watching the crowds go by. 

    The children were wondering whether they should dare ask anyone about the fountain or not. The girl stopped a woman who was walking with her little boy but the woman spoke an unknown language. Then the boy started talked to a stork that was sitting in front of an inn. At first, he thought that the stork was made of c’ay, and set next to the big flower vases, but the stork moved and the boy stopped and asked her:

    - "Ms. Stork, do you happen to know where the Rainbow Fountain is?"
    The stork looked at him with good will and started mumbling: 

     - "It is in a castle that has a fountain drawn on the gate, and the castle – you can find it if you pay attention to the eyes on the roofs. As she was saying this, the stork took off and flew to a tall chimney, sitting on one leg. Then, they understood that when they arrived to the right place, windows on the roofs were starting to blink, lifting the wooden rolling shutters.

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