• When she arrived at the gate, she searched the huge iron key for a long time through the pockets of her large skirt, then opened the gate and welcomed them in the courtyard which was paved with yellow flowers. Then she walked them to a hall of the castle that had old armchairs and a round and big table that occupied the whole room. 

    The children were sat at the table and the stork that followed them, happily sat with them/ They looked at each other in the shiny tableware and the old lady stayed in front of them and told them about the Skies City, then asked them about the place they come from and what theylre seeking. They told her everything and the woman went and brought them plates with foods, fruits, and drinks, and in the storkls front, she put a deep pot, full of pomegranates. The children and the stork ate with appetite and then thanked her. After they finished eating, they saw with amazement that the plates and cups were floating on the water. The shiny table was the surface of a fountain. It was really the Rainbow Fountain!

    The old lady gathered the tableware and then a fish came to the surface, and flipped making a “Clop!” with his tail. 

    The kids took water with a c’ay pot, drank, and all of the fatigue disappeared, and they became more beautiful and charming then before. They washed their eyes and the old lady brought them a towel to dry, and they dried they faces. All of a sudden, everything around became intensely colored, with strident colors. The old lady was a little girl of Marials age, dressed in turquoise, with locks red as fire! She brought them c’ean c’othes and helped them get dressed; the girl in a golden dress and the boy in blue c’othes.

    Then she walked them to the tower of that castle, where they saw the whole city through which they walked for so long, and saw that the walls of the city were of green and turquoise granite, the roof tiles were joyously colored. A network of thin bridges of rainbows united the towers of all the castles above the city.


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