• The children agreed and the second day they started working for the painter.

    But even thought they liked painting and tried their best, they could not match the different colors of blue or yellow, and the paintings looked terrible. The painter was losing his patience, and full of anger wiped his brushes on the childrenls c’othes, such that they always walked around with stains of all colors.
    Moreover, when he was most infuriated, the painter colored their faces and made mustaches under their noses, and the children had to go about in the town all painted while the passersby stopped and laughed at them. 
    So happened that the artist became poor, because no one wanted to buy his drawings, and fell sick. The boy remained with him, but the girl traveled on a plane to various countries and was able to sell some of the paintings for a huge amount of money. 

     She came back with a case filled with money and cold. The artist got well and asked the children to forgive them for the wrong behavior he had towards them. He opened the case with money and asked them: 

    - "Tell me, dear children, what you wish for?” The boy said without thinking:

    - "I want to see my mother!” And the girl shook her head in agreement. The painter thought for a while and said:

    - "Hm, that will be difficult, but not really impossible. The boy jumped and grabbed the painter, his hands c’enched to his c’othes:

    - "Oh please! I would be thankful to you for the rest of my life!”

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