• In a village, nearby a big city, lived two children, a little boy who not long ago started school, and his older sister. They only had their mother, but once day she unexpectedly died, and the two children had to leave school and find a place to work so they wonlt starve. They took some books and c’othes in a bag, and set out towards the city. They went through the streets with magnificent buildings, looking for a job and at the same time learn a trade, but no handicraftsman received them, telling them that their timid and silly faces did not inspire them trust.

    They entered a painting studio by chance. There, they found a big easel and someone working behind it, and the children thought the man didnlt even notice them. They s’owly entered and walked towards the easel, but the man behind shouted: 

     - Stay right there! Donlt move! 

     The children stood stone-still and stayed that way for long hours, until a hand, with a brush, appeared from behind the easel and signaled them to come c’oser.

     They s’owly walked towards the painter and with amazement they saw the painting with the two of them painted on it, along a stork, castles, bridges …and more suns.

    The painter took out some money from his pocket:

     - "This should be enough for you two, he said." Then he soaked his brush in paint and again, started painting. The children told him of their motherls death, and that they were looking for work. The painter thought for a minute and then told them:

    - "Well, you kids could stay at my house, in the morning you could go to school, and when you come back you can stay here in the workshop and help me paint."


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